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Digi Time Capsule®, llc is founded and created by one Cr@zy Busy Mom™ of 3, Sherri Morris! I am my kid’s baseball coach, web mom for the football team, car pool mom, wife, teacher, errand runner, chauffeur, business owner, amazing friend, pretty awesome daughter and Exhausted! But I wouldn't change my life for anything! Like most moms with 3 kids, life is pretty busy and most of us do not have the time or energy to print out all of our digital photos, cut them to size and then spend hours adorning scrapbook pages with super cute little phrases. 99% of the time, my digital photos never make it past my computer folder labeled "pictures", and I am sure I am not alone on this.

It's not that I didn’t want to fill out my 2nd child's baby book; it's just that I never got around to it. I do however have sticky notes with the date of his first steps and another sticky note with the day he said "mama". I just ended up tossing them in the baby book. And my poor 3rd child, well I never even got around to buying that baby book. I love my kids and the magic they have added to my life and I want to document it all, but the energy it takes is cr@zy! That is why I created the Digi Time Capsule line. My products are in part journals, photo albums, scrapbooks and time capsules. They cover and store it all. I also need quick and easy! I can upload Skyler's first day of pre-school to her baby book while I am checking my e-mail. I may never print those photos, but at least they are organized and viewable!
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Sherri Morris, CEO
Phone: 312.646.8874
My Committment to You
I stand 100% behind my products. If you have any problem with any of our products, I will respond to your concerns instantly and work with you until you are 100% satisfied. My products are a huge reflection of my values and beliefs; my belief that family is what makes life worth living. If I can help each Cr@zy Busy Mom™ capture and organize her families magical moments then I want to make sure she is 100% satisfied with her purchase. If you paid for a value added product, then you also have paid for any after care that you may need!
The Work At Home Woman
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My Committment to Mother Nature
My products are also a pretty amazing alternative to scrapbooks or paperback journals. I have also created my packaging and user manuals out of 100% wood free recycled paper. I want my children and grand children to have a clean earth and we can all do something to help.
My Committment to Humanity
I don't watch the news because it makes my depressed. Everything seems evil or disastrous. I prefer to just know it's going on, but would rather not see or hear it. I knew the day I created this company that I was now going to be able to call the shots and really do what I wanted to do with it. Each product I sell helps another human being. We donate portions to various charities, sponsor a youth sports league or help military families stay connected while they are serving overseas. It's a pretty amazing feeling to know that we are touching people’s lives. It's truly the best part of owning a company!
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Hailed as the number one Baby Shower Gift and Pregnancy Journal, we welcome you to Digi Time Capsule®, llc. Home to the Award Winning My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule® Pregnancy Journal Suite and My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule® Baby Memory Book Suite! We are the unique place to shop for pregnancy gifts | baby shower gifts | pregnancy keepsakes | baby time capsule | baby memory book | new baby gifts | digital scrapbooks | maternity gifts | uniue baby gifts | baby christening gifts | baby books | pregnancy journals.

Our 11X Award Winning Pregnancy Journal Suite truly captures your journey to motherhood and our New Arrival, The My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule® Baby Memory Book Suite brings a unique new life to the way you keep a baby book!

Copyright Digi Time Capsule®, llc 2009-2010. Digi Time Capsule® is a Registered Trademark. Digi Time Capsule® pregnancy journal & baby memory book are Patent Pending. If you are pregnant or have a new baby, think of us when shopping for pregnancy gifts, pregnancy journals, baby memory books, unique baby gifts, maternity products and baby shower gifts!