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Take a quick peek into how the amazing baby memory book suite works. Below are 3 video demonstrations to show you the product's ease of use, functionality and how comprehensive it truly is! Makes an excellent pregnancy gift for the mommy to be in your life!
Baby's Welcome Screen
Plug in your Baby Book USB drive and Baby's Welcome Screen Appears! This book belongs to "baby's name" and 2 of your favorite pictures from baby's birthday along with baby's birth weight, height, date and length!
Baby's Media Center
Your baby memory book allows you to quickly add all of baby's photos, videos and audio files right to the media center.

Most of our photos never make it past our computer and this is the perfect way to store those memorable moments and lose the guilt that you've never printed or framed them.

We understand that parents take 1million photos of their children and it's impossible to print and organize them all. Well now, all of baby's media files have a home right in baby's memory book!

You can even easily delete and edit photos.
Capturing Baby's Memories
In the Memories Center, you can quickly and easily upload photos and capture important moments of baby's life. The memories center includes everything from a free writing baby journal to baby's 5th year.

Each chapter is filled with 100's of guided questions that are there to engage you throughout your baby's first 5 years. You will never miss capturing a magical moment again.

Magical moments never seem to happen when your baby book is handy and you are sitting at home. With the My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule, you can carry your Baby Book with you and capture the magical moments as they home or on the go!
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Our 11X Award Winning Pregnancy Journal Suite truly captures your journey to motherhood and our New Arrival, The My Baby Book Digi Time CapsuleŽ Baby Memory Book Suite brings a unique new life to the way you keep a baby book!

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