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Chinese Birth Chart
Everybody Loves to do the Old Wives Tales when they are pregnant. The Chinese Birth Chart is one of the most accurate ways of predicting your baby's gender.
How it Works:
Choose the month that you concieved in the left hand column and the age you were at conception. Drag your fingers down and across until both meet and that is the Chinese Birth Chart prediction for what your little baby-a-brewin's gender will be!
The Ring Swing!
Place a ring on a chain, steady your hand, and hold the chain over your bump.

If the chain begins to swing in a circular motion, its a Girl!

If the chain begins to swing side to side, it's a Boy!
Chinese Birth Chart | Chinese Birth Calendar
The Coffee Cup Challenge!
Without thinking about it, pick up a hot cup of joe.

If you picked it up from the handle, it's a Boy!

If you grabbed it from the top of the cup, its a Girl!
The Gross Suck on a Quarter Test!
Grab a quarter and clean the life out of it!

Put the quarter in your mouth for a few seconds. Now slap that baby on the wall.

If the Quarter sticks to the wall, It's a Boy!

If the Quarter doesn't stick, It's a Girl!
Let the Beat Rock!
The Dra-NO Test!
This Old Wives Tale states that if your baby's heartbeat is over 150 BPM, It's a Girl!

If the baby's heartbeat is less that 150 BPM, It's a Boy!
You won't find that one here! Pregnant women should not be handling chemicals :) Just Say No to Drano!
In Need of a Salt Lick?
Are one of your serious cravings for salt?

If you are craving salt, It's a Boy!

If not, It's a Girl!
How Low Can You Go!
Feel Like Ugly Betty?
Go look in the mirror and assess how you are carrying.

If you are carrying low, It's a Boy!

If you are carrying high, it's a Girl!
Do you feel like your face, skin and overall appearance is just not what it used to be?

If you feel like an Ugly Betty, It's a Girl!

If you are as beautiful as ever, It's a Boy!
Want More Old Wives Tales to Do?
Based on these and many other Old Wives Tales, you can complete the Old Wives Tale Quiz inside the My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule and watch it predict baby's gender based on your answers!
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